Oleg Kulik

     The Mad Dog or Last Taboo Guarded by Alone Cerberus

(with Alexander Brener) Yakimanka Street. Moscow, November 23, 1994

This is the first “dog performance“ by Kulik. It was to become an emblem of the state of Russ

ian art and the state of Russian society as a whole. At the entrance to the M. Guelman Gallery Kulik was guarding deprecated values, personified by Alexander Brener, rebel artist and poet: “art“, “masterpiece“, “talent“, “educated public“ etc. Naked in the frost, losing his bearings, Kulik barked, rushed on the chain, pushed spectators off their feet and bit them. His throat hoarse with barking, unaware of cold and danger, Kulik rushed into the thick of the traffic and managed to stop it.