Oleg Kulik

                                    Two Kuliks

M. Guelman Gallery, Moscow, February 12, 1997;

Palais Esplanade, Merano (Italy), October 14, 1997;

Podgorica (Yugoslavia), City Theater, May 9, 1998;

La Cucaracha restaurant, Riga, November 4, 1998;

Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, May 17, 2001;

I  Bienal de Valencia, Valencia, June 10, 2001

Kulik-the-artist and Kulik-the-animal fight using the means available to both of them. The first is drawing his self-portrait with his «beak», remembering that he is a bird (see In Fact, Kulik is a Bird), while the second is always displeased with the conventionality of the result. In Riga the conflict reached its climax when one of the kuliks (which one?) broke the glass self-portrait with his hand, and had to be rushed to hospital for surgery.